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Cain seeks a way beyond the veil, but thanks to the continued existence of his father's children, that isn’t an option—currently. Worse yet, the strigoi's mass extermination put his enemies on notice. Armed with the knowledge they too are mortal, his half-siblings have fled into the shadows, shattering ancient alliances. As they reel from the shockwaves of Namisia’s death, fear, mistrust, and infighting places Eve's tenuous hold over those who remain in jeopardy.

Either unwilling or unable to see the truth of the matter, Eve blamed Gavin and Viktor for the strigoi’s demise. A convenient lie the Courts were only too willing to swallow, because admitting Cain was real, let alone back amongst the living, would be too much. Revealing their alliance with the necromancers is a dangerous gamble, but with the introduction of the Blighted, an old enemy, Vetalas, has gained significant power. Of course, Eve knows better. But she’s loath to speak it aloud.

Her silence gives Cain free rein over his own work, an unanticipated boon, and the hunt for Adam's children begins in earnest.

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