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 A lot of treachery, scary monsters and plenty of death and dismemberment...

                                                                            -Nell, One Book Two Reviews

Fate waits for no man. Not even Viktor Warden.


After living through a bloody encounter with the mysterious Cult of Fenrir twenty years ago, Viktor returns to New Orleans, hoping to forget the horrors he endured. He keeps busy dealing with unusual cases as head of a global security firm specializing in paranormal threats.


For once in his long life, everything seems to have fallen into balance. 


But Fate has a funny way of catching up with a person. And this time it’s bringing his past and possibly the end of the world along for the ride.


When old enemies rise again, stronger than ever, Viktor is thrust into a long-forgotten world filled with darkness and supernatural threats. Worse yet, it turns out that the Cult of Fenrir is far from defeated -- and they’re hell-bent on enacting their revenge on him.


Now Viktor must come face to face with the painful past he cannot seem to recall, or else. It’s the only hope he has of saving the world one last time. 


A blend of Norse mythology, urban fantasy, and adventure, The Wanderer Awakens will take you on a dark adventure through the stars, into the depths, and beyond.


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 ...a fast-paced, hard hitting supernatural adventure...

                                      - Underground Book Reviews

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