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It’s a story as old as time: Cain and Abel, Adam and Eve. A family. A murder. A reckoning. Good and evil personified.

You may think you know the story, but you’d be wrong. 

After thousands of years, Cain awakens to find that the world has gone on without him. In his slumber humans and people of power have stopped being afraid of—well anything. Beyond that, they’ve become cruel for cruelty’s sake, fascinated with their ability to spread death through famine, war, and even plagues. 

In their minds, they have no equal. 

They’re wrong. 

Thanks to the Norns, his brother’s treachery, his sadistic stepmother, and abusive father, Cain has been out of the loop far too long.

But that’s about to change. 

Now he must reconcile his past with his present and complete a near-impossible task to find the peace he’s sought for so long. Before that can be a reality, he’ll need to walk the fine line between monster and man; too much of one and not the other will release a plague upon the world. And there will be blood. Lots of it.

Can he fight his baser nature long enough to do what needs to be done, or will fate get the better of him in the end?

Beetle_PNG_ (1).png
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