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August Newsletter for those of you who missed it.

For those of you who missed the August Newsletter by not signing's a copy of it. If you'd like to get future newsletters please click here.

I know what a few of you are thinking— "Holy crap, he's done it three months in a row. Maybe we'll get an actual newsletter on a regular basis.” Don’t worry, it shocks me just as much as it does you. The plan is to get this out on a monthly basis. Fingers crossed I don’t screw that up.

A few tidbits to get out of the way first. The signup for the newsletter was glitched for a bit, but I think that’s fixed now.

Next, I’m thrilled to say that, Introduction to the Cursed Ones, A Vampire Tale, is complete and ready to pick up for free. Everyone currently on my mailing list should've received an email showing how to pick up their free copy. If you didn't please check your spam and junk folders...If you still don't have it, please click here to be taken to Prolificworks to get your copy. Along with the brand new short, you’ll receive Chapter 1 for Accession of the Stone Born, The Wanderer Awakens, and the rough draft version of Dawning.

For those of you who received my last newsletter or are in my Facebook group Nine Realms Saga you've already met Magni.

Everyone else, this is the newest addition to the house, Magni. 

Magni in the sink.
Magni in the sink

He was abandoned by his mother in a neighbor’s yard and we took him in. Our intention was to adopt him out with the other five we’d trapped. That didn’t happen due to his special needs, his back legs don’t work quite right. Over the last few months he’s gotten much better, but there are still a few issues.

He’s a complete joy to have around the house and like any kitten, super curious. This is him watching me brush my teeth. At the time he couldn’t jump onto the counter, so he’d stand on his hind legs, put his front paws on the cabinet and cry until he got picked up. Now, he can make it up on his own…most of the time anyway. More to come, next time.  

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