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Leaving KU, #1 New Release, Audio for Dawning, and Edits

I’ll start with the good news first. I’ve proofed nineteen chapters for the audio for Dawning. It’s going along pretty smoothly, so no complaints there. My goal is to have it approved by the middle of February. Even after that, it’ll take another five to ten business days for it to be available on Audible and iTunes.

Shattered Peace came back from the editors last week and I’m about halfway, 202 pages, as of today. So that’s going wonderfully. My hope is to have that out in late May or Early June.

The Vigiles Urbani Chronicles will be getting a facelift via fonts and covers in the next month or two…. a lot to look forward to there.

If you want to see what’s happening… check out my group on FB, Nine Realms Saga, or sign up for my newsletter on my website. I usually post things there first before making them public.

Fall of Eleazar, Withering, Book 1 is underway. I had an opportunity to get a few chapters written prior to Shattered Peace returning so that’s good. More information to follow on the project towards the middle of the year.

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone for your support. Dawning is still a number one new release nearly three weeks later. I really appreciate the reviews as well, believe it or not, those go a long way.

Now to the meh news.

I’m leaving Kindle Unlimited (KU) for a lot of reasons the biggest of which is, I’d like to go wide with the library for those who prefer other formats. That being said, I feel a need to explain how “leaving KU” works.

When we sign up, we click a box for each book that says we’ll remain in KU for 90 days. As I didn’t release all my books on the same date some will leave sooner than others. As an author all I can do is wait for the contract to run out. I’m not trying to cheat or scam or trick anyone into buying my books. It’s just the way that Amazon chooses to do things with KU. I hope that this clears things up for some folks.

That’s it for me right now, have a wonderful day.

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