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After the chaos of the last several months, Gavin Randall’s world sits precariously on the tipping point. One tiny nudge would be all it’d take to make it come crashing down. So, having a head-on collision with fate and being T-boned by bad luck is a bit overkill.

Thanks to one of the royals being murdered recently, the vampires are on edge. On top of that, the Black Circle is ready to step out of the shadows. To make that happen they’re coming for Gavin and anyone else they think is a threat. He’ll have to face off against dangers from within and without in order to rescue those he cares about after a failed assassination attempt.

Gavin must rally what’s left of his close circle -- and his strength -- to face enemies on a scale he’s never encountered. As madness reigns across the globe, Gavin must find a way to push back the oncoming darkness that’s threatened to swallow them whole. Unexpected new allies arise, and friends fall. 


Magic and mayhem await. 

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