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System Initiating…
Valhalla Protocol Activated…
Welcome, —Insert Name—, you have spawned into a level 70 city—soon to be dungeon. All safe zones are transitory. Due to the city’s failing infrastructure, a permanent safe zone cannot be established at this time.

For Iain Clark and his friends, that message marked the end of the world as they knew it.

Just when his life is finally looking up, the System changes everything. Was the universe kidding right now? He didn’t even get to have his “get off my lawn” moment, and for that alone the aliens would pay. T
hey didn’t stop there though, his new overlords made him walk–walk!--for miles on end. Sure, at least they fixed the aches and pains, but still. This is some kind of BS.

If his wife Robin thought Iain was cranky and lacked people skills before, well she’s in for a surprise now.

Iain isn’t going down without a fight. Sure, this isn’t the retirement he had in mind. But with a new body that doesn’t scream in pain 24/7, and a bunch of alien grenades, Iain and Robin set off to find their friends and wreak havoc. Along the way, he’ll have one chance after another to make things go BOOM, because the BOOM is good. Especially when alien threats and zombies are on the receiving end.


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