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You have 48 hours to escape the New Orleans Metro area before it’s transformed into the Sunken City Dungeon.
Remaining behind will leave you two choices: defeat the dungeon, or die.


Iain knows which way the RGHIA are leaning. Human life to them is just another inconvenience on their way to total domination.


It figures though. It isn’t like the System is suddenly going to cut him any slack even after turning the city into a caged death match. Hell, he would’ve settled for a breather, but no such luck. At this point it’s clear the System or the RGHIA hates his guts—meaning he and his family are pretty screwed. 

Needless to say, nothing is going according to plan: originally, there were way more naps and far less giant alligators. Not like it matters. He still has to escape the city before it turns into a gruesome game of Monster Mash. To do that, he’ll need to avoid orcs, kobolds, and even a dirt dragon…wait? What? A dirt dragon? That’s got to be a glitch, right?
Given his current track record, probably not. So that sucks.


Oh, and as if dragons aren't a big enough problem, now vampires are a thing. Who knew?


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