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Considering the last few years, Viktor Warden should be prepared for anything: a murderous ex-wife, body-snatching, and fighting tooth and nail with some of the most evil, gruesome foes the world has ever seen.
Looks like that might have just been the warm-up. As the world reels in the wake of a pandemic, ghosts from his past rise out of the Aether to extract their pound of flesh whether he’s willing to pay or not.
In his search to stay above ground, he’ll need to fend off cultists, the Blighted—vampires changed by the Gaia contagion--and the Black Circle, all at once.
To further complicate matters, he’s on a tight schedule. Xiwangmu has picked now, of all times, to fulfill her end of an ancient bargain. And she isn’t willing to take no for an answer.
So, no pressure or anything.


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