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The Tome of Bill, By Rick Gualtieri

The first book, Bill the Vampire, kicks off an eight novel series, seven of which are out, the eighth will be out soon-ish. Then there are the side novels, of which there are Sunset Strip and Shining Fury, all of which are fantastic. That is if you like nerd humor, D & D references, and general assholery. All kidding aside, they’re good stories.

In early January of 2016, I contacted Rick…mostly to bug him about the audio release for the 7th book, even though I was only on book 5…yeah, I’m that type of jerk. Anyway, he responded…we had a great conversation, and because of that, I decided to put out Accession of the Stone Born. So, if you like the book, you’ve got him to thank for it, and if you don’t…that’s kind of my fault, so…sorry?

Ever since then, I’ve bugged him for advice, asked his opinion, and generally been that kid in school who asks too many questions. Rick for his part has been exceptionally gracious, kind and very helpful. Essentially proving everything I’ve ever heard about the guy, which is to say he’s genuinely nice.

Today, I had the pleasure of meeting Rick. He’s here in New Orleans for Contraflow. He dragged himself out of his room to meet a fan, which was awesome, and he gave me a lot of very valuable advice. I’ve found it rare to meet someone as genuine as Rick, and it was a privilege to spend time with him this morning…something I might add he did not have to do, esp. since I’m unable to attend the event this weekend.

If you ever have an opportunity to read his books, I recommend it, and if you ever have an opportunity to meet the man in person, do so. Again he is at Contraflow for the next few days, if you miss him there, and he is at some other event, it’s worth the cost of admission to say hi.

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