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Upcoming Projects as of November 26, 2016

With the launch of The Wanderer Awakens complete, I’m hard at work on the next book tentatively titled Galen’s Peace. I’m about halfway through a major rewrite of the draft and should have something promising to say about it in December…I hope.

Considering how things went with the previous book, I’m a bit gun-shy about giving any actual time frames. I’ve taken to heart some sage advice from another author, which is: the books will be out when they are ready. And you should know that I’m making every effort to make that sooner than later.

Onto other news, after Galen’s Peace is wrapped up I’ll be devoting all my time to the Vigiles Urbani Chronicles. The first thing that will happen is, the Accession of the Stone Born will go in for a fresh edit to smooth out some rough edges. After that it’ll be reformatted and submitted for your reading pleasure.

Once that’s complete, I’ll be delving full tilt into the second book in the series. A positive note concerning this project, I’ve already written several chapters and have the rest of it sketched out.

That’s all I’ve got for now.

Have a very happy December and a great new year.

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