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Sleipnir’s Heart and Rise of the Storm Bringer Release.

A quick update for everyone, Sleipnir’s Heart has been released via instafreebie so please pick up your copy at the link posted below. It takes place a few days after The Wanderer Awakens concludes. If you ever had questions about what Viktor’s first few days were like, here’s your chance to find out.

When I crashed on this planet fifteen thousand years ago, I thought that my friend—the living spaceship Sleipnir—was destroyed. But it turns out the mysterious signal I’ve been receiving for the past nine years is his cry for help. It’s led me back to Romania, back to the mountain I almost died on, and—just maybe—back to the legendary being who once saved my life

Rise of the Storm Bringer, book 2 in the Warden Global series is due out on April 4th and takes place roughly one month after the conclusion of Book 1.

For most people, a visit from their former in-laws is unpleasant at most. If only I were that lucky. Mine have unexpectedly dropped by, leaving a couple of bodies in little bits and a message in blood as their way of saying hi. Which is just great. Now I can add one more group to the growing list of nut-bags who want to tuck me in for a dirt nap. Simply put, if the in-laws don’t get me, a dead woman, the Loki, or any one of a legion of mythological beasties just might. To top it off, I’ve learned that there’s a cosmic war that’s been raging since the dawn of creation, and somehow, I’ve found myself at the very center of it all. I know it's gonna be a hell of a day when death might be the least of my problems.

The amazing artwork for the covers were created by Danielle Fine, you can find her at,

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