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Actual good news August 13, 2017

I completed Dust Walkers on Thursday evening, which means it’ll be sent to the editors on the 15th of August. As to when it’ll be available to the public to purchase, that remains to be seen. The edits, design and formatting still have to be completed…they occasionally take some time.

This will mark my fourth book in fifteen months, and as such…I’ll be taking some much-needed time off after the edits are complete for Dust Walkers. Even as I’m typing the words…I know it won’t be long. Children of the Storm, and Dawning are heavily on my mind. Both projects already have their openings started, and there’s a lot of groundwork completed for the next Warden Global novel. That being said, I’d like to actually see the sun, and possibly watch a movie.

On the upside, the second edition of Accession of the Stone Born is out, Dust Walkers is about to be sent to the editors, and the audio for the Stone Born is coming along nicely. Also, I’ve uploaded several designs to TeePublic for Warden Global, Vigiles Urbani, and Plague Bearer (An upcoming series) for your perusal…so go take a look.

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