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Nine Realms Saga

Nine Realms Saga

(Contains the following series: Warden Global, Vigiles Urbani Chronicles, Plague Bearer, and an unnamed series.)

Year one of the Nine Realms Saga will come to a close with the completion of Shades of Fire & Ash. The preferred/recommended reading order is as follows.

Year One:

1) Accession of the Stone Born 2) The Wanderer Awakens 3) Sleipnir’s Heart 4) Rise of the Storm Bringer 5) Dust Walkers

6) Lamia's Curse 7) Shades of Fire & Ash

This reading order will provide you the biggest story possible. While it’s possible to just read individual series and still get a complete story…it’s recommended to read them all to see the overall arc for the larger story.

The first two books in the Vigiles Urbani Chronicles are available.Amazon:

The first two books in the Warden Global series along with the short are also available.

Pick up your copies today.

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