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A Moment of Kindness from Kevin Costner

A moment of Kindness
D. & Kevin Costner

A video came up in my feed from Kevin Costner & the Modern West. I like his music and him. I don't know the man personally by any stretch, but I do have a short story about the type of man he is.

Years ago, Kevin Costner lent New Orleans a hand due to the oil spill in the gulf. He developed a technology that helped with the cleanup. Sadly, one of his former associates decided to sue him thus he had to come to the federal courts in New Orleans to defend himself.

My better half is a supervisor there and one of her employees, D., was ill with cancer. D. worked up the nerve to go upstairs to have a chance of seeing him. She got more than that as he stopped on his way out to speak with those that'd gathered there. D. asked for a photo and he graciously and happily did so. She loved it.

Skip ahead a year, D. is still fighting her cancer and it's not going great. We lived in the same neighborhood at the time that Kevin Costner was filming a movie in called Black & White. I actually walked by the set/house they were filming.

D. has already heard he was less than a block away from her, 2 blocks from she get's herself together to take her dog for a walk...and just so happen to pass by to see him. Not in the creepy way...she just wanted to see the set as the house belonged to someone she knew. She never approached the set but Kevin Costner being the kind of guy he is saw some people had gathered...OTHER than D. and came over to say hi. When he got to D. he paused then he said he remembered her from the courthouse....then he actually remembered her name.

Let that sink in for a second, Kevin Costner, a man who meets a lot of people due to his fame remembered a woman he'd met once...he asked how she was doing and talked with her for longer than the crew would've liked. By the end he took another pic wished her well and had to return to work.

Sadly D. lost her battle with cancer the following year.

That's always stuck with me. He was always kind to the people he met. He made an offhand comment about things being tough on set due to an aggravation he was having with something inside...THEN apologized to D. because he knew her situation was so much harder. But the kicker is he remembered her, her name, and her situation after a single meeting. Just thought I'd share.

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