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Good News

Starting things off with a bit of good news, Fall of Eleazar, Withering, Book 1, is available for pre-order now. On top of that, I've proofed the first half of the audio and with luck it'll be out within a few weeks of release of the eBook. More information to follow on that. Also, the paperback is loaded and ready for me to hit the live button so it should be available Nov. 3rd as well...that's mostly dependent on Amazon and it's system that day. I'm posting the audio cover below.

But wait there's more...

Storm Fall, Warden Global, Book 4, is on the downhill slide meaning I've passed the halfway mark and I'm pushing onward towards the end. It's my sincere hope that I can wrap it up and send it to the editors in Mid November. That might get pushed back to early December depending on how crazy things get. When it's complete, I'll announce the official release date for it. (I've been burned before announcing too early only to have everything fall apart and delay publication. So, I try not to overpromise.)

I'm really excited about these releases as it'll finally get all the major players on the board. It's my hope you continue to enjoy the books.

Be safe, be well, and have a wonderful day.

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