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  • Ken Lange

Penumbra releases Nov. 1st

I'm finishing up the uploads this evening meaning it should go live sometime tomorrow morning...I hope. I truly hope you enjoy it. Have a fantastic Halloween. Andrew currently has the script and will start on it as soon as possible. My hope is it'll be done sometime in truly depends on his schedule. The print version should be up tomorrow or perhaps later this week. Things have been hectic. Sorry for the delay.

Once again, Gavin Randall has found himself knee deep in zealots and necromancers. One is hellbent on murdering anyone with magical abilities and the others can’t make up their minds. If that wasn’t enough, something from beyond the veil has slipped through the void to hunt him.

An unintended consequence of his powers coupled with this new, unknown force he finds himself catapulted into an entirely new reality. Lost, but not quite alone, he finds himself guided from one apocalyptic hellscape to another as he searches for a way back home.

As he navigates wastelands, desolate cities, and desperate survivors, he learns secrets long hidden in the shadows. These revelations make it clear those with abilities and mortals must band together if they intend to survive what’s coming.

Every legend has its basis in reality, and Gavin is about to learn the origin of all of them.

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