• Ken Lange

Penumbra is coming.

As you may have guessed from the title, I finished Penumbra, Vigiles Urbani Chronicles, Book 5. I'll be making my final pass this week to send it to the editors this weekend. With luck it's not a total mess and will be returned to me in short order. Andrew Pond is currently in the middle of a project for someone else but as soon as he finishes that, he'll switch over to Penumbra.

Thank you all for being patient this year...it's been a bit of a mess for me professionally. Loads of medical in the household to handle but I'm back at again and should be cranking a few projects out in short order...or such is the plan. Things could change but I certainly hope not.

I hope you are all well, reach out via facebook or here if you wish. Thank you so much agian for your support.

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