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Proof of life? LOL

A picture of Sol...not exactly recent but it'll have to do. Sorry again for being bad at this whole blog thing. This year hasn't been what you'd call easy for me and whenever I think I have a handle on stuff something goes and shows me I don't.

There's still some decent progress on the books not as much as I'd like due to issues...but I'm getting there. With luck I'll be able to focus on Penumbra and knock it out soon-ish. I'm really sorry again. It's just been a rough patch.

I'll try to get back to this more often and do better. My attention has been fractured and it's pretty obvious I suppose but I am trying to find a spot where I can be more productive.

Thank you for coming this far with me...give me some time and I'll continue to get new books out. Have a great week.

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