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Stuber Review

So, where to start? Maybe with the marketing. Nearly every single funny in the entire movie is in the trailer. Meaning, if you’re expecting laughs like I did you’ll be sorely disappointed. If they’d billed it differently it would’ve helped with my overall enjoyment. As it stands though, I went in expecting to see laughs and got something much heavier than I’d planned.

Let me clarify that last statement. It’s not a heavy movie…it’s not that deep. It’s like they wanted to straddle the line between comedy and drama only to fail at both. This isn’t the fault of either of the stars Dave Bautista or Kumail Nanjiani, they did the best they could with what they had.

If they’d pushed the drama to develop both the main characters and used what little funny there was stuffed into the last half hour to soften things then it could’ve worked. They didn’t. Instead Dave Baustista and Kumail Nanjiani’s characters were paint by numbers, one dimensional, and uninteresting. The whole “redemption/growth” arc was telegraphed at the front of the movie. All the actors involved were underutilized and deserved better.

The only character in the entire movie I remotely cared about was the dog…and only because it was a dog. If you plan on watching it for the laughs fast forward to the last thirty minutes or so… and there you have it. Everything else is just meh.

It’s not the worst way to kill an hour and a half but it sure isn’t the best.

Rating – the trailer was better.

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