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October Faction Review

So, as you can probably guess, this has been sitting in my to be watched list for a while now. I was a little leery of it due to the promo materials pushing the teen angst angle. To my surprise, it was a lot funnier and dealt with the adults more so than the kids which suited me fine. That being said the kids were in it and other than some obvious tropes they were fine.

As a whole the show was pretty good and I hope it gets a season 2. It was funny, paced well - mostly, and mostly thought out. That being said, there were some issues. I'll point out two of the major flaws for me. One, Fred - the husband - suddenly has an affair out of nowhere. Now this may or may not be explained in the graphic novels but on the show it wasn't necessary, like at all. It had no bearing on the story as a whole and the one consequence of the whole thing could've been pulled off in a multitude of ways including just letting the one character be a general pain in the ass. Two, they tried to circle back to make it appear they seeded the story with an underlying arc about the wife's father who was didn't work and weakened the show as a whole.

There were some other issues that didn't quite add up/not developed but for the most part it was a lot of fun and I was happy I watched it.

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