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Two Reviews today, The Babysitter & V Wars

The Babysitter

Woo hoo, a movie that didn’t disappoint. Okay, it’s not Oscar worthy but it’s exactly as advertised. Standout for me were Robbie Amell. He took what should’ve been a throwaway role and made it into something truly memorable.

Overall, I normally don’t like kid movies, but this was an exception. The Babysitter Bee, Samara Weaving, was great. She plays her role well…not as good as Robbie but that’d be nearly impossible given his performance. It’s got all the teen movie tropes you’d expect, and the story goes just where you think it would. Even so, it’s a fun watch. Saddest moments for me were when Robbie Amell was off the screen.

Rating – Fun way to relax for an hour and half.

V Wars

Maybe my expectations were too high for this show but considering what Netflix has done in the past I thought this would be watchable, I was wrong. Whoever wrote the script or edited the story or filmed it…hell there’s a lot of blame to go around here…spent time trying to make it sexy, it’s not. They wasted several minutes of the precious fifty-six they had to try to squeeze in two and a half sex scenes which didn’t actually amount to anything…including sex. Yet they went there instead of developing the actual characters or story.

I had more sympathy and generally cared about the guy who randomly blew his brains out in the first two minutes of the show than the rest of the cast. Everything about this feels sloppy, underwhelming, and frustrating as hell. They obviously had story problems given the fact that the episodes range so radically anywhere from an hour in one episode to thirty-six minutes in the next.

Rating One and Done

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