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Viktor's Wing Sauce

Viktor’s Wing Sauce


1 cup of Franks Hot Sauce

2 tbsp of butter melted

½ tsp or less of Lea & Perrin’s (This really depends on your taste.)

1 tbsp of honey

Splash of Red Wine Vinegar

1. Whisk all above till smooth and well mixed.

2. Pour in a saucepan and heat for several minutes until mixed.

3. Store in container and chill (if using right away…skip the refrigeration and let it settle to room temp.)

4. Bring to room temperature before using.

Tools needed:

Mixing Bowl


Storage Container with lid

Measuring cup

Once your wings are cooked properly, place them in a container with a lid, pour 1/2 the sauce in, place lid on and shake. You can use a gallon bag as well. Repeat this step until you're happy with the coating.

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