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Well Earned Staycation

Some of you may already know this but I very rarely take a voluntary break from work. On such occasions it's normally to do something to take care of the family or every few years seriously play a video game. I'm not one of the elite who play on PC's but one of the lowly console users, Xbox to be specific. It's rare for me to be able to play most games due to the engine they use. For instance, Fallout 76 screwed with me hard and I was sick for 3 days after playing it. To define sick, it made me dizzy, nauseous, and left me a sweaty mess because of the way my vision interprets the input from said game.

However, I played outriders just fine and Remnant from the Ashes was amazing. To that end Remnant 2 is coming out on the 25th and I'll be taking a few days...probably a play as well as handle multiple appointments which require me to leave the house.

IF you play on Xbox and wish to reach out send me a PM here and I'll pass off my gamertag. In the meantime, I'm typing out as many words as possible on Harbinger's Reach. Surprisingly, it's turning out far better than I anticipated. The only hiccup I have currently is having to write another short story involving Serena's Gym Rats. Somehow I don't think any of you will mind that. For those of you who haven't read the first one, I'll post the link to the FREE audio and eBook version of the story.

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