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  • Ken Lange

While I'm a little worn out, I'm back on my feet.

For those of you signed up to the newsletter, you already know I got covid. For the record, it sucked. Thankfully, I was fully vaccinated and had all my boosters so it didn't kill me. Even so, I wound up in the hospital for two days while they did their best to keep my lungs clear. Sadly, once I tested negative I still wasn't done with it. I'm still having to do breathing treatments and the exhaustion won't go away. It's all a bit better but it's not great. For me the worst part was the mind fog due to how severely it messed me up. I'm back at it slowly but surely making progress.

Onto the good news.

Exiled Ascendants is on the way. In fact Safety in Numbers both ebook and audio are up for preorder. With a little luck I'll have NOLA in the Rearview up for preorder within the next week or two. I'm waiting for the editors to tell me what the timeline looks like. Once it's done I'll ship it over to Andrew and he'll start recording it. While I'm waiting on the book to come back I've started Harbingers Reach, Book 3 and a short story that'll go up in the near future.

Some of you are wondering what's happening with the Nine Realms Saga. It's at a good stopping point with me having completed the origin story for the characters involved. To that end I'm stepping away till I can get healthy again. I want to give what comes next the attention it deserves. If I were to jump back in now, I'd do you a disservice.

For now, I thought I'd put out a passion project that's a whole lot of fun. Thank you all for reading my books, I really appreciate it.

Have a wonderful week.

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