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Gearing up for The Wanderer Awakens

As I'm sure some of you have noticed, there's been some recent updates to the website, the most notable of which is the new tab, organizations. Here you’ll find photos of Gavin Randall, Viktor Warden and the scribe/writer monkey, Ken Lange.

There’s a section for honored guests that’s currently empty. It’s reserved for those of you who wish to purchase items from the store or printed copies of the book. Before anyone gets upset, I'm not against ebooks...I'm just not sure how to include them here at the moment. That being said, please send a photo of you with any of these items to and we’ll upload them to the site. Let me know what information you’d like displayed…such as your name and or city.

For reviewers who purchase any of these items, please include your website so I can add it below your photo.


Ken Lange

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