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All is well, or as well as it can be...its 2020 for gods sake.

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Here's a picture of Sol to distract you.

Thankfully, all the storms have missed us so far. We've had four in the last four weeks aiming for we're extremely fortunate in that respect. In other weather related news, it's finally getting into the 70's at night. That's huge since up until last week it hasn't been below 80 at any point in the day. That makes me super happy.

Given the state of things, I won't be doing Halloween this year due to the whole pandemic thing. I think the city is more or less in agreement as New Orleans is considering canceling it this year as well. That's a low point for me but more than understandable. That means, I won't be posting any pics of the yard this year. :(

Onto a bit of good news, I'll be putting the blurb out for Fall of Eleazar in my newsletter for October. And remember, Fall of Eleazar, Withering, Book 1 launches Nov. 3rd. I figure we could all use some election day reading material. While we're talking about Fall of Eleazar, I've finished proofing the first 6 audio chapters. There are more on the way...hoping to have it out near the print release.

In the meantime, I'm pushing forward on Storm Fall, Warden Global, Book 4. I'm getting close to the halfway mark. Hoping to wrap it up sometime soon to get to the editors in November....that's if things continue to go well with it.

For now, that's all I've got. Hope you guys are well. Take care and try to be nice to one another.

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