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Fall of Eleazar, Withering, Book 1, News

Fall of Eleazar is releasing on November 3rd...just a little over a month from now. I'm posting the blurb below. In addition, I'm roughly halfway through Storm Fall, Warden Global, Book 4. At this rate, I'm hoping for an early April release date. Then it's onto Blighted, Plague Bearer, Book 2.

In the meantime, please enjoy the following.

Long before Jade was conceived, the Lich Lords meticulously constructed a prophecy that hails her as the key to laying claim to the promised land. Her whole life was orchestrated: every moment of training, every facet of her persona, and every moment of her time.

And it worked. The Black Circle, and everyone involved, believes she is a prophet. A savior. A messiah.

The problem is, she isn’t interested in the job. All she wants is to escape. Even with status, wealth, influence, and power, her reality conceals a darker truth: being blood cursed at birth. No power is worth that price. When their hold on her mind broke, they resorted to torture to ensure she fell in line.

Now free of the Lich Lord’s sway over her, Jade is on the run. Alone, fending off her own desperation and loneliness, she must press forward at all costs. But the centuries of work leading up to her birth mean that those who want to keep her are not about to let the illusion unravel.

In order to preserve her freedom, Jade will have to find her own way. That means creating new alliances, learning to trust others, and settle into her true destiny. The way isn’t easy, but she’s used to that. In her quest for independence, her list of enemies just keeps getting longer, and more dangerous. But she’s willing to do whatever it takes to build her own future in this tumultuous world.

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