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Odds & Ends from the Newsletter and Cat pics

The audio for Dawning finally escaped the nether realms to be released on March 27. So, if you've been waiting for it, you can now get it by following the link above. Audible was backlogged for a bit then the virus this point I'm just thrilled it's out there.

Here's the cover for Shattered Peace. The planned release date is May 26...roughly six weeks from now. Andrew is currently working hard on the audio. I've proofed 23 chapters so far which puts us very close to the end of the book. If luck holds we'll complete it in the near future and hopefully have it out close to the release of the eBook. That's completely dependent on how fast they can get the book through QA and send it to the stores.

Fingers crossed, it'll be a quick and easy process.

In other news, I've written the first ten chapters of Fall of Eleazar, Withering, Book 1 that I'm hoping to have out by the end of the year. More to come on that.

To the state of things here.

The stay at home order has helped immensely in slowing the spread of the virus. The New Orleans Metro area still has 10,590 known cases, and our hospitals are still on the brink of maxing out. The good news is, we haven't. We have fewer people on ventilators than we did a week ago. Things are taking a turn for the better. We're not out of this, yet, but with planning, there's a chance of slowly opening things. This is a complicated process that people far better equipped than me are working hard on figuring out. If we go back too quickly without proper protections the next wave could be significantly worse than the first. Just tricky stuff.

Now to why you're all here, cat pictures. I usually put these pics in my newsletter so if you haven't signed up the link at the top of the page that says Newsletter to do so. Thanks.

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