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Snowmageddon February 15th-16th, 2021

Picture it, the Pandemic has the city of New Orleans firmly in its grasp...then Mother Nature decides to kick us when we're down by throwing a massive cold front into the mix, giving the city its first freeze in three years. THREE YEARS. As if that weren't enough, there was snow....look at it piled up on the car...Seriously...those white specs are snow.

While I'm having a bit of fun at the city's expense it was and is rather serious. A lot of the houses here, including mine, are above ground. That allows the cold air to encase us, making it difficult to heat and keep the pipes from bursting. As of writing this post, I've been lucky enough that the pipes here are still intact - much better than the last freeze where the pipe in the laundry room broke - so I feel pretty fortunate.

On top of everything else, there have been power outages throughout the state. Some of these included some weird power surges in Kenner, that's a subdivision of New Orleans by the airport. Again, I've been fortunate that New Orleans itself has been spared such a catastrophic event.

While I enjoy the cooler weather, the freezing in this area is a tough pill to swallow as the houses, buildings, and such aren't really built for such weather events. My hope is everyone is safe, warm, and generally okay.

The only book news I have is, Storm Fall, Warden Global, Book 4 should be here soon. There were a couple of hiccups up to this point but it's my hope those have been fixed and settled. I'd very much like to put it to bed so I can focus fully on Blighted, Plague Bearer, Book 2.

Stay safe, stay well, and I hope you're all okay.

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