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  • Ken Lange

Viktor's Mac & Cheese Grilled Cheese Sandwich

For all of you who have holiday leftovers, I thought I'd help.

2 pieces of bread

2 pieces of medium cheddar

2 small pats of butter

Mac & Cheese

On one slice of bread place one slice of cheddar, place as much Mac & Cheese as you can safely handle then add a bit more. Then place the other slice of cheddar on top and the other slice of bread on top of that.


In a pan place the butter in the center turn the burner to medium low. Once the butter is mostly melted gently move sandwich into pan with a spatula. Let it sit for 30 seconds to a minute then gently apply pressure with spatula. After another 30 seconds to a minute lift place more butter in the pan don't bother to wait for it to melt and carefully flip sandwich and repeat the above steps. Keep doing this until the bread is sufficiently toasted and the cheddar cheese is melted. Remove from pan, plate, cut in half, and enjoy.

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