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Wu Assassins Review

So the pic above I borrowed from Lewis Tan's FB page.

Wu Assassins is a Netflix original and it’s pretty good. It had its shit moments…i.e. the ending being the worst offender. Overall though, I liked it. Great cast. Good story, till the end. Excellent concept. Some of the flash forwards at the top of the show was confusing as hell…again the final episode or two being the worst offenders of this.

The MC Kia Jin played by Iko Uwais was good but the stand outs for me were Uncle Six played by Byron Mann and Lu Xin Lee played by Lewis Tan. Uncle Six was absolutely fantastic… great acting and a fantastic arc…again though the ending of season one fucked up his storyline. As for Lu Xin Lee character he could have an amazing arc of his own next season. We’ll have to see if they develop it or waste another amazing character.

If you can’t tell already, I despise the ending. In season 2, if there is one, the writers will hopefully wrap things up in a better fashion than they did in the first.

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